Saturday, May 30, 2015


I lost a lot interest of everything, unstable mood and hormone. A stage being stress; as said of motivator at kursus pra perkahwinan today.

And one of the stress made when people keep talking about your figure but then you dont even care anymore. I dont care how fat i am. I just to eat. Cause im stress.

And one of the stress made cause money. Yes. Yes. Money had a lot sperate us. A lot. Few month to weds and non money even i saved to help future life. Well well. Now i know what the dugaan it is in engagement. Its getting high, its getting hard otw to adult. I didnt have job. I dont have money. I quit my job cause i hate the people around and i dont know how to handle even more 1years and half experience doing that damn job. I dont know how to deal with people. And that make me a bad worker, before boss talking bad more and more about me, so i decided to quit even i dont have apply to anywhere. Silly me but i safe my heart being broke cause i dont know how to explore madness. Pendam itu kepakaran aku.

Life getting fakap. Suicide had alot in mind. But ruh had alot missed truth village.

Whoever who read this. Love yourself. Youre amazing. Youre the champion from 22juta of sperm. Lol. Pls dont kill yourself for stupid thing.

Pls, linda. Dont kill yourself just because Allah love you; that why He's give dugaan.

Allah always with us. Always. :'(